Muthusi Steven

Welcome to my website.

I am a software developer with a passionate for tech in general.

I have been developing softwares for over 10 years, with my work spanning from South Africa, Tanzania ,Somalia and Kenya.

I would be happy to hear from you. info@muthusicreatives.co.ke

Feel free to have a look at my website and blog.

What I Do

Full-stack Software development

This means i can develop the whole parts of the software , these include, server set-up , Database setup and management, server scripting and the Front-end development.

Linux Server Managment

Setting up of a Linux server with the needed services. The servers can be physical machines or virtual servers. Any services needed can be installed and configured.

Inbound Marketing

Incorporation of inbound marketing techniques in current marketing and sales chains. together with training the clients on the skills , inbound marketing materials will be provided to allow continued growth.

Website design

Development of website for personal and cooperate use. Walking clients through the content curation process , we can develop stunning websites that organically increase the digital presence. All websites get proper SEO and periodic SEO reviews based on company marketing policies.